Located in the majestic Great Antilles, the Dominican Republic is known for its all inclusive resorts and spring break debauchery (but more on that later).

With so many opportunities for fun and sight-seeing, here’s a list of the best 4 things to see and do in the Dominican Republic!

Stay in a Villa

In the Dominican Republic you will find some of the best luxury villas that you can rent to have the perfect vacation of your dreams. How does having your own private piece of Paradise sounds?

Check out these beachfront Dominican villa rentals and make your dream a reality today with the luxury of the Caribbean. Ready to have the time of your life?

The Dominican Republic will always have something to please you today, tomorrow and beyond!

Go Deep Sea Fishing

The Caribbean Ocean is a wonder for lovers of sea-life and in the Dominican Republic you can enjoy the joy of going Deep Sea Fishing in its pristine blue-green waters.

Even if you’re not an expert when it comes to the Ocean, you can always book a tour and learn how to be a master fisherman in the Caribbean.

What are you waiting for? Go and catch some bass now!

Luxury Hotels in Dominican Republic

Luxury Hotels in Dominican Republic

Experience World Class Golfing

Whoever said that golfing was a boring activity probably never experienced the awesomeness of practicing said sport in the exotic beaches of the Dominican Republic.

With incredible private golf resorts, the Dominican Republic is the perfect destination for both beginners and experts of the golfing world.

Hire a local caddie and become the master of golf in the DR!

Enjoy the Best Spring Break of Your Life

Spring Break is that special time of the year where debauchery is the norm and everyone is free to live life to the fullest without any worry about consequences.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to participate in the many contests in the beach of Punta Cana? It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman or young or old, Spring Break is for everybody and you’ll fall in love with it!

Who wants to win some beads in wet t-shirt contest yo?

Watch the sunset (and epic sunrises too)

Because of its strategically small location, it is possible to watch both sunsets sunrises at the beaches of the Dominican Republic giving you the motivation you need to wake up early in order to watch this majestic display of natural beauty.

From cultural to natural attractions, your vacation in the Dominican Republic will be surely one of those adventures that you will remember fondly in years to come and I hope this article was the motivation you needed to book those tickets now.

Would you like to visit the Dominican Republic? Book your flight tickets and come experience the vacations of your lifetime everybody!

Photo Credit: Dave Bezaire

Photo Credit: Dave Bezaire

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