Cusco is the name of a city in Peru, South America. It is one of most visited city because it becomes the starting point to world heritage of Inca Empire and one of the Best Instagrammable Places in Peru.

You make mistake if think that the only thing you can do is visiting Inca ruins or tale Cusco Tourist Ticket (valid for 10 days, allowed to visit 16 sites in and around Cusco which is recommended and efficient).

Unusual Yet Cool activities that you can do in Cusco.

1. Shop at the Baratillo.

Compare to the Plaza de Armas which provide quite modern and dynamic atmosphere from its shops you will get a great deal by coming to Baratillo on Saturday morning. It is also called the smuggler’s market where you can bargain for many items in cheap prize if you know the trick.

2. Visit Chocolate Museum.

Choco Museo is the official name of the Chocolate Museum. Though it will a little but hard to find this place you will not regret after you arrive here. Any visitor can enter the museum for free, take Cacao Farm Tour, make chocolate, and absolutely indulge with chocolate tasting in its cafe.

3. Take Cooking Class.

If you want to taste Cusco food while you come back home, you should take Cusco Cooking Class in the ChocoMuseo at 210 Garcilaso. Moreover, the class is not only teaching about how to make local/traditional cuisine but also giving additional knowledge like navigating the markets plus making cocktails. The minimum price to enter the class is $33.

4. Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary.

Your vacation will be more meaningful if you contribute for the sake of nature. Take a look at Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary which is a rehabilitation centre to take care of injured and victimized animals. You will get a chance to get closer with pumas, condors and vicunas.

Important note for beginner

1. Altitude sickness.

Cusco location is at an altitude of 3,350 meters or 11,200 feet above sea level. Bring your own medicine or prepare a way to deal with the symptoms of altitude sickness (Nausea, headache, vomiting, fatigue and dehydration, etc). Sometimes it takes time for acclimatization until you are ready to start a journey.

2. Money and valuable items.

Change your money to the banks that line Avenida de Sol. Bring the copy of your passport and enough money (don’t put a lot cash in your wallet) when you go out.

3. Booking accommodation (room and trip).

Only booking a trip from reliable company and choose a room according to your need. In some hotels, people make a party, so should consider this matter if you hate noisy situation and want to sleep peacefully.

4. Eating and drinking.

Follow the tips from guide book and hotel staff and never try to taste food/drink in strange places although the dishes look appetizing. There is no one who wanna get sick after eating ‘delicious’ food. Bring your own bottle then refilled when it is empty. If you buy bottled water, the waste can disturb and damage the nature and public places.

5. Taking pictures.

When you want to take a picture of locals and indigenous folks, you must ask for their permission. Be careful to give them direction or request certain pose because most locals will not look directly to the camera.

Also, you can always do a Inka Jungle Trail departing from Cuzco and arriving to Machu Picchu. You won’t regret it!!!


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