Siem Reap is the name of a region in Cambodia. It is a gateway of Angkor complex (a historical site). Cambodia is considered as one of the cheapest destinations though they provide amazing UN Heritage site with tropical rain forests and unspoiled jungle.

For this reason, the sum of travelers that reach more than one million from various countries (China, U.S., Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, etc) has been attracted to see, learn and spend more time in this part of Asian continent.

Historical architecture

Basically what the expectation is range from temples and other type of buildings (pagoda, imperial residences, etc) which were built during Khmer Empire.

In one site, arts are blended together to create wonderfulness of human civilization by telling important history at the same time. Archeological freak must see it as the luxurious chance to follow Cambodia’s timeline. Before the site becomes known to the outside world, it has been left untouched for the last 500 years.

Other historical architectures you might like to visit besides Angkor Wat are: Beng Mealea, Banteay Srei, Preah Vihear temple, Koh Ker, as well as Bayon and Ta Prohm temple.

To get informative and authentic experience in order to capture the essence of the temple region, please hire an expert (an approved guide or a local guide). His is responsible to teach travelers about the Angkor temples history, architecture, and culture.

Modern encounter

•    The Angkor National Museum. It is a home for incredible gallery of 1000 Buddhas which supported by modern and attractive facilities. Visitors get knowledge still by preserving Khmer traditions and the history of Angkor Wat through a series of video screens and cutting edge displays.
•    Khmer Ceramics Center. Here you can make your own art piece (by hand or with a wheel) helped by skilled artisan using the traditional Khmer technique. The cost to make 3 pieces of art is $15. If you want your work being be fired and glazed by other skilled people there is additional cost to pay.
•    Old Market or Psah Chas. A large concentration of restaurants and shops geared towards tourists can be founded here. Shopping in night market and souvenir shop, enjoy the spa, visiting bars, visiting village, and eat local food. All can be enjoyed even until past midnight.

Stay in Siem Reap

With the least interest a tour for a couple of days can be done. However if you want to know more about the world heritage, a week is the minimum period or until 1 month to get a ‘complete’ understanding as many as you can during the exploration of Siem Reap.

Therefore you must decide the correct accommodation while you are staying there. You already can sleep well with US$3 to US$20 in average guesthouses and small hotels per room.

This region provides quite a cheap accommodation compare to other are in Cambodia. If you want more privacy and if you have more budgets, just booking luxurious five star resort with fancy facilities.

The best time to visit Siem Reap in Cambodia is from October to March. It is a time when the temperature is moderate along with the sun shines most of the day makes it the most comfortable period.

Going on April through August will be a nightmare because of the rainy season, uncompromising mix of high temperatures and high humidity.


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