Despite of its stunning history, Cape Town has become one of top destinations for holiday. This place is the combination of nature, tradition and modernity. Many choices are available for anyone who likes to spend the vacation in South Africa.

Take along your family to Cape Town is not a bad idea.

Some tourist spots can be enjoyed by parents, children, and the pet.

•    Ride a revolving cable car to Table Mountain National Park located in the middle of city. It is quite uncommon mountain. Take a ride of cable car to its flat top then your family will see amazing view from the sea, city, beach, ocean and mountain. It is an easy and comfortable trip thanks to cable car.
•    See thousands of African penguins in Boulders Beach. Surprisingly you can find penguins in their real habitat aside from North Pole. Africa is not always identical with dessert and forest but also the beautiful beach. These animals are friendly enough so that you might want to swim near them after see them from a wooden deck.
•    Watch whales in Whale Coast. The best time to watch the whales is around September.
•    Camping in Beaverlac. Children will learn about living with nature. It is the right place to take the children far from TV and games console.
•    Playing in Old Mac Daddy’s and Grootbos. Your family can have fun with indoor and outdoor activities.

For couple, any couple should not be worry about weather while come to Cape Town.

Basically the temperature is average means that in summer is not too hot and not too cold in winter. This city offers many spot perfect for couple to be lovey dovey as well as creating a memory by taking picture in spectacular background.

•    Cape Winelands. Some wineries allow people to participate in to gather and juice the grapes. Couple who loves wine can also experience wine tasting. If you don’t want that just seeing the view is enough for the eyes.
•    The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. It is a historical waterfront where also can find numerous bay shops, cafes, restaurants and numerous bay-view hotels.
•    Jewelry tours. As soon as you have learned about the jewelry making process making, you can go around the shops which sells jewelry with unique design for wedding gift or visiting Cape Town Diamond Museum.
•    The Blue Train. You need to spend about $1400 per person. It is expensive but worth is you have money because you will get high class service.
•    Take a cruise in Table Bay to watch the sunset.

For backpackers or solo traveler

•    Explore the nature. Various landscapes are welcome to explore by hiking, swimming, and other ways. One of recommended and thrilling experiences for solo traveler and backpackers is: shark cage diving in Gansbaii. For alternative option if you are too scare to face shark in wild life, just visit Two Oceans Aquarium.
•    Walk or bike in the city. Architectural roots and the multi-cultural nature of the locals and newcomers are what you can expect while touring the city. Bo-Kaap is a unique neighborhood since the buildings and houses have bright colors. If you have seen Riomaggiore in Italy you might want to compare both places.
•    Fulfill the curiosity by learning history. Visiting beautiful palace and its kind is too common. Robben Island and District Six are two locations that closely related with South Africa’s history or apartheid in general. Robben Island has a small prison which is known as the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.


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