Italy has long been celebrated for its delicious cuisine and subsequently its capital city simply teems with top traditional and contemporary eating establishments. When it comes to Italian food, diners have a vast choice ranging from renowned pasta dishes to regional delicacies and delectable desserts.

If you are currently planning your visit to the eternal city, you will be able to book you accommodation through websites such as With this in mind, here is my guide to Rome’s top 5 restaurants.

Fortunato al Pantheon

This delightful restaurant is situated in the heart of the city’s historical centre and is celebrated for its friendly atmosphere and classic Italian cuisine.

Diners may choose from an extensive menu of traditional dishes including spaghetti alle vongole and taglioni with truffle and porcini mushrooms. Fortunato al Pantheon also boasts an excellent wine list and an outside dining area.


This charming eating establishment is located just a stone’s throw away from Campo di Fiori and serves up fabulous Roman specialities such as cacio e pepe and spaghetti alla carbonara.

The wine list is good and the selection of homemade desserts will almost certainly have your mouth watering.

Il Pagliaccio

This double-Michelin-starred restaurant is renowned for its creative Italian fusion cuisine. The establishment serves just 28 diners at a time, ensuring an exclusive and gourmet experience.

Il Pagliaccio is situated in the city centre and proudly boasts an impressive selection of exciting starters, main courses and delicious desserts alongside a luxurious wine list.

Agata e Romeo

This fine-dining restaurant offers a unique gourmet twist on the traditional flavours found in Roman cuisine.

The chefs are remarkably talented and the personnel are friendly and attentive; a combination that recently led to Agata e Romeo being awarded its first Michelin star.


This beautiful and traditional restaurant is located on the celebrated Appian Way and boasts an impressive menu featuring fabulous fresh fish, mouth-watering antipasti and world-class wine.

In the colder months the open fire blazes creating a cosy ambience, whilst in the warmer months, diners may choose to eat in the restaurant’s picturesque garden. Check here to see the menu and more details.

You and your loved ones will no doubt be spoilt for choice when eating out in Rome. Subsequently, it’s always a good idea to do some online research beforehand and take a look at some example menus should you have any specific dietary needs.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, why not try asking the locals for a little helpful advice?


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