Do you feel like your life is in a rut? Are you tired of the “same old” and long for adventure? The answer could lie in volunteering. Our lives were meant to serve other. When we are constantly working about our own problems, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture in life.

Rather than focus on the inconsequential things in your life, why not contribute to a larger cause and make a difference as a volunteer?

Larger humanitarian and animal welfare issues await you in South Africa in the Spring. In South Africa volunteer programs put you into direct contact with endangered animals who desperately need your help.

Choose from eleven different projects that allow you contribute your aid and receive personal enrichment. Working with wild animals or disenfranchised children, you can go on the adventure people only dream about. You’ll live amongst your charges and see parts of the world that the regular tourist can’t.

Werner Bayer

Werner Bayer

Amongst the breathtaking scenery, you’ll be making memories and relationships that will last a lifetime. Every project that you choose will have you working as a part of a team side-by-side with fellow volunteers and local experts.

Over time, by working together to meet you goals, you’ll befriend everyone, adding to your international contact list to visit once you’re finished.

Trips as a volunteer will include your accommodations and meals. You’ll also receive comprehensive training to ensure everyone benefits from your participation. These training sessions will make sure you can safely care for wild animals or compassionately look after orphans.

In addition to training, you can also expect transportation to and from the airport, a general orientation, and opportunities for excursions outside of the area. From start to finish, your trip will be safe and secure, as the entire volunteer holiday will be supervised by the industry experts.

Before you jump on board and sign up with the first volunteer company that can facilitate a trip to South Africa, do your research.

You’ll want to make sure that the company you choose can guarantee the ethics and eco-friendly status of all of its projects.

You can do this by investigating their website and learning the details of each of the 11projects available. As you can see at, many volunteer companies can provide safe and ethical ways to help either disenfranchised youth or the most beautiful creatures in the world.

Once you find a company that can securely facilitate a trip that’s guaranteed to help those in need, book you holiday today. You’ll find that taking the time to contribute to something bigger than your own cares will improve your headspace.

Photo Credit: Willem van Valkenburg

Photo Credit: Willem van Valkenburg

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