The tens of thousands of islands strewn across the Pacific are rich with incomprehensible beauty. Small droplets in the ocean cultivating unspoiled wildlife, unaffected by the outside world and supporting no rat races; the South Pacific Islands offer postcard-perfect views and experiences unique to the largest ocean in the world.

Here I go against my better judgement and share some truly incredible South Pacific sights:

Whale Watching off the Vava’U Islands

I believe whales were added to the waters to help us understand the scale of the oceans. While we are taught water covers almost ¾ of the Earth’s surface, this is too large a concept for most to comprehend.

Whale watching off the Vava’U Islands is an experience that cannot fail to help anyone understand their small role on this planet. The Vava’U website offers advice about whale watching, and has a strong focus on environmentally sound (and whale friendly!) practices.

Micronesia Limestone Formations

The rock islands off the island of Palau are limestone turtles gripping onto the Earth’s crust. Under the water level, the beauty of the islands only intensifies with limestone formations and stalactites of blue curacao.

These islands are pretty easy to explore. There are several cruise companies, like Cruise 1st, who organise island hopper trips – a great way to travel around Micronesia.

The Tribes of Pentecost

The island of Pentecost is home to land diving tribes who inspired the bungee jump inventor AJ Hackett. They have guarded themselves against western influence successfully for generations.

You can see exactly how spectacular the land diving (known locally as Gol) is from this photo!

Mount Yasur’s Volcanic Crust

The colloquial title of ‘most accessible volcano in the world’ almost seems as inviting as ‘world’s cuddliest sharknado’ but the opportunity to get within 150 metres of an active volcano mouth is an experience that cannot be passed up. Photography can never do justice to the sheer thrill of standing on the cusp of hell. Walking on the volcano’s ash plain is as close as most people will get to experiencing a lunar walk.

Have you ever explored the islands of the South Pacific? Share your experiences below!


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