As the world is becoming more and more interconnected, and the borders between countries, as well as barriers for travellers between them, are less and less important, many different kinds of tourism are flourishing. One of these types, medical tourism, is on the rise.

Medical tourism involves people going to another country in order to obtain medical assistance, such as surgery, consultations or treatment, which is either of lower quality or less accessible in their home country. People may seek aesthetic medicine, such as the Venus Freeze Legacy, or a complex surgical procedure that they cannot find a specialist for at home. But where do people go for medical tourism purposes? Destinations abound.

Brazil and Thailand

For those seeking cosmetic surgery treatment, such as enhancement surgery or venus freeze legacy work, but unwilling to pay high level fees for it, Brazil and Thailand are popular destinations.

Both are known for a high level of hygiene and professional training of doctors without the prohibitive costs that can be present elsewhere. The fact that Brazil and Thailand are now well connected to the outside world makes them among the top choices for medical tourism.


United States

Going to the United States for venus freeze legacy, dental, or orthopaedic treatment may not immediately make sense economically, but it needs to be kept in mind that the American doctors and nurses are some of the best trained in the world, which means that people from other countries seek professional medical advice in the United States.

Where will medical tourism take you? The destination would depend on the specific procedure or treatment you require, as well as your budget and other needs. The globalized world makes it easier to find the medical assistance you need, even if that means going to another country.


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