Buenos Aires is built and renewed to create passion similar to other city such as Paris and Madrid. To go around this capital city, the subte (subway) is the best option. However, if you want to look closer to the city and the locals, riding a bike is a better way.

Why using bike

Buenos Aires is one of cities in the world that has a network of bike lanes. The condition of bike lanes is maintained quite well. Even you ride it slowly you are probably reach the place faster than taxi or bus. You can stop almost in every area as you like. It is cheap and eco friendly.

How to get a bike

1.    Free bike.

EcoBici scheme is a brilliant project offered by Buenos Aires city government. There are 32 bike stations over the city to register the use of bike. The steps are: give your identity information (a photocopy of passport ID page, immigration stamp, the address and telephone number of your current accommodation-create certain code-then sign an agreement.

You are free to use the bike for up to an hour at one time. Helmets and maps are available when you request. After the time limit has ended, you can return the bike in any bike station or renew the rent.

2.    Rent a bike.

Some companies provide bike rental for longer period. With this you don’t have to renew free bike like in EcoBici often.

3.    Follow bike tour.

For a complete and clear tour you can take bike tours offered by several companies. In short, you get full package without worrying about getting lost. It is suitable for people who want to enjoy the city to the fullest easily.

The route including the top sight in Buenos Aires and eating stop while learning about history and culture accompanied by friendly guide.

Where you should go

Rather than simply enjoy the breeze in the city, planning your own bike tour will make worth experience. Some places to see are: Plaza Italia in Palermo, Parque Centenario, Bosques de Palermo, Puente de la Mujer and so on.

Although you are not allowed to ride inside this place, Recoleta Cemetery is one of eccentric destination in Buenos Aires that you must visit. Park and lock your bike then explore the cemetery (by yourself or take the tour) which has become a resting place for many well-known people (First Lady Eva Perón or Evita, Rufina Cambaceres-an argentine woman with tragic death, Luis Ángel Firpo-An Argentine boxer, etc).

Tourist visit the cemetery for various reasons: to admire the structure, to satisfy the desire to see the tomb of famous people, or just want to verify the rumor about haunted graves.

Tips and guide to bike

•    Select the bike type based on the route you want to go.
•    Follow a route that uses cycle lanes wherever you go, if not have more priority in the lane furthest left on one way avenues.
•    Keep your eyes open by riding slowly and take a look around some obstacles and sudden encounter (motorbikes, trash cans, joggers, skateboarders, rollerblades, dog poo, unicyclists, parked cars, a clown, etc) around the streets of Buenos Aires.


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