The number 1 destination in Mexico, Playa del Carmen fascinates people with its natural beauty from the beach, coral reefs and sea animal.

We come to let you know about top attraction and several tips when you visit Playa del Carmen.

1.    Play in sea water; play with sand, or sunbathing in Playa del Carmen Beach.
2.    It is recommended to sunbathing on the northern stretch by wearing swimsuit or other clothes to cover the body because nude sunbathing is banned in Mexico.
3.    Diving and snorkeling in many spots like Western Hemisphere, Riviera Maya and others.
4.    Diving’s cost start from $50 USD which includes complete diving equipment. If you need an instructor or want to learn deeper about diving just come to diving schools in Playa del Carmen or the best dive shop available.
5.    Swim and snorkel in Xel-Ha, a natural aquarium. Here you will meet various tropical fish, dolphins and turtles.
6.    Kayaking and taking a boat trip through the Mangroves at Sian Ka’an. Sian Ka’an offers numerous view of nature (plants and animals). It is also said that sunrise in this spot is beautiful to miss.

Visit archaeological sites; Tulum, a unique Mayan ruins

You need to spend about a 45 Minute drive from Playa del Carmen to arrive here. This is the best option for you who take a cruise because the tour is not longer like when you visit Chichen Itza.

It will be a memorable experience as Tulum is located on a cliff top high over the Caribbean Sea while the sites is protected by wall (many archaeological sites in Mexico usually do not have wall).

Besides, the wonderful beach and palm trees can be great objects for photo collection.

Walking around; La Quinta Avenida, Playa del Carmen’s main street

First, you can drink and eat in various bars and restaurants along the main street. Taste local food or other foreign cuisine in wide range of restaurants, from the cheap till the luxurious one.

This spot is quite loaded with people who like night life. Second, many shops open sell many things from t-shirt, accessories, and other item as gift for family and friend at home. Alternatively, you can visit Cancun (see the Cost of Living in Cancun here) for an extreme party scene.

Basic Guide

  1. Learn a few Spanish words to get more benefits for example how to say thank you, please, goodbye, etc.  English is still used but mostly by tourist industry workers.
  2. Dress code in this area is casual and less conservative. Once you go outside Playa del Carmen you better consider other type of outfit.
  3. Locals concern about cleanliness and they proud of it. So, whenever you go don’t throw trash as you like. In short you must avoid littering.
  4. Watch out native animals, when you do any activities from walking, sitting, and so on.
  5. Watch out pushy salespeople who offer many products and items from the small accessories, offering free gift until asking you to view apartments.

Save your money

Staying in the town can save more money rather than choose accommodation near the beach which is normally expensive. Hailing a cab on the street is cheaper than picking up a taxi at sitios (the stands.

Decide your own tourist spot will not make your wallet empty faster since many tour packages in the end will lead you to stop at souvenir shops. You can also save on many of your travel expenses using discount sites like Travelocity.

Playa del Carmen

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